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Advanced Mechanical Continuously Variable Valve Lift System (CVVL)

An advanced camshaft actuated mechanical valvetrain system that is capable of providing a wide range of fully variable valve lift characteristics

Incorporates DuoCam technology

Valve lift is generated by combining two cam profiles

Uses a single actuator (hydraulic or electric phaser) to vary the valve lift profile

Miller Cycle for Medium and Heavy Duty

Miller Cycle for Passenger Vehicles

Internal EGR for Medium and Heavy Duty

Technical Benefits

  • Reduced NOX emissions - via Warm Up and Keep Warm strategies
  • Reduced CO2 emissions - For after treatment thermal management, reduced / no requirement for post injecfion
  • Miller cycle
    • Reduced CO2 (fuel consumption)
    • Improved Performance- Increased power. Low speed torque & transient torque rise
    • Benefits across the full operating map
  • Internal EGR — Exhaust secondary lift strategy for effective after treatment thermal management
  • Reduced CO2 (fuel consumption) - No requirement for post injection

General Application

  • Integration - Retains existing OHC / OHV architectures for simple implementation
  • Reliable - Mechanical Valvetrains that use proven and well known technologies
  • Conventional valvetrain layout - Low design and manufacturing investment required to integrate
  • Low friction - Conventional roller followers, no additional hydraulic pumping losses
  • Simple Controls - Same requirements as a conventional single hydraulic cam phaser system controlled by the engines ECU
  • Continuously Variable - Simple calibration. Direct positional feedback for simple, low cost OBD

Our Products

Variable Valvetrain Technologies

A family of modular mechanical variable valvetrains.

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